Welcome to MATSUMOTO

MATSUMOTO is a company that provides attractive medical and
architectural solutions to the information society.


MATSUMOTO was founded in 1996 and we will take a new step forward along with the age of Reiwa.

Through continuous corporate transformation such as architectural design, to aiding WHERE, Inc., who became a subsidiary of a major telecommunication infrastructure company, by providing IoT solutions, MATSUMOTO is now a corporate entity that combines three different business areas: culture supernatant fluid, wood pellet fuel, and advanced diagnostic imaging.

We, MATSUMOTO wish to be an innovator that provides solutions that bring about social evolution, while valuing existing companies' technologies and know-how.

We aim to become a company that continues to create new norms though continuous efforts for a better future.


Culture supernatant fluid

We will strive to provide safe and reliable products of Human umbilical cord derived culture supernatant fluid

Micro blood sampling test

We will develop a self-medication business utilizing self-micro blood sampling in Asia.

Wood Pellets

We import high quality Vietnamese wood pellets that meet various standards.

The development of
MRI・CT Center

Provides medical examinations and diagnosis support with high-resolution photos using CT and MRI.